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Open Call for innovation

Published: Thu Mar 31 2022

Comprehend & utilize voice of the customer insights for product development and marketing


Consumer packaged goods


Research and Development


Robotic Process Automation


Problem Statement

With an omnipresent channel of sales and a global footprint, selling multiple SKUs and brands operating in many countries, the company gets thousands of customer reviews which are often repetitive, vague, socio-culture influenced and language influenced. There is a challenge in using this feedback to make the company offerings & marketing more effective for its existing & prospective customers. There is a need to enhance the understanding & utilization of the voice of customers for insight. Extract insightful and meaningful customer comments to use them for product development, product improvement, and marketing. Ability to find and analyze the most unique comments with quality insights even with a smaller sample size. Automate the learning of comments across social media, company website & surveys. The company would like to plan and understand the outlook one year in advance for the next season as well as understand the current market.

The X Future uses this open call to find proposals that address challenges faced by the company today. It gives you the opportunity to present your solutions to our innovation team and internal stakeholders.

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