The X Future

Open Call for innovation

Published: Thu Mar 31 2022

Real time collection and analysis of sales data to determine sensitivity to various factors & forecast demand


Consumer packaged goods


Marketing & Sales


AI (Artificial Intelligence)


Problem Statement

Identifying innovative and new methods to collect data from organized and unorganized, in-store and e-commerce sales channels, to help the brand predict product demand, consumer behavior and shopping patterns, performance of sales promotions and marketing campaigns. The company is looking to use deep learning and artificial intelligence to perform price elasticity and sensitivity analysis for the impact on sales due to change in various factors like Covid, seasonality, distribution, supply chain, strikes, stockout etc. And diagnose the factors which are leading to changes in conversion, profit, and margin.

The X Future uses this open call to find proposals that address challenges faced by the company today. It gives you the opportunity to present your solutions to our innovation team and internal stakeholders.

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