The X Future

Open Call for innovation

Published: Mon Apr 18 2022

A machine learning tool that Increases sales, protects margins and allows brands to reprice with confidence


Retail, e-commerce



Marketing & Sales



AI (Artificial Intelligence)


Problem Statement

A product’s price remains one of the most important factors behind any consumer’s buying decision. Inability to link our business volume with profits and more importantly trying to achieve if we can increase profits by keeping the same levels of customer retention. With competitors just a click away, and comparison shopping engines making it easier than ever for consumers to find the lowest price, having that competitive intelligence on hand and taking action accordingly is a requirement. We need to understand where we fall within our competitive landscape and make changes to our prices over time to make sure we maintain the price position we deem best

The X Future uses this open call to find proposals that address challenges faced by the company today. It gives you the opportunity to present your solutions to our innovation team and internal stakeholders.

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