The X Future

Open Call for innovation

Published: Mon Mar 21 2022

A Competitive Intelligence solution to stay ahead of competition


Retail, e-commerce



Research and Development


AI (Artificial Intelligence)


Problem Statement

As markets become more saturated, it is critical for brands to implement competitive intelligence (CI) to empower better decision-making and execution. It is difficult to predict our competitors' next move and stay ahead of them to better prepare our own business for changes in the market or an evolving industry. With increased business activity, the expectations of customers are increasing too. Customers now expect faster delivery of products and services, as well as quicker communication. Organizations have too much data on their hand, and no time to identify which of it is relevant. We need to find a tool to use this data to identify challenges, advantages and white spaces to build a strategy that creates competitive differentiation

The X Future uses this open call to find proposals that address challenges faced by the company today. It gives you the opportunity to present your solutions to our innovation team and internal stakeholders.

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