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Open Call for innovation

Published: Tue May 03 2022

Enabling brands to accelerate the product to market journey using data and analytics


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Problem Statement

A company has to plan various steps before launching a product into the market which includes: defining the target audience, knowing the problem one is solving, securing the online identity, validating the product, knowing the competition, etc. A company has to lay down a comprehensive strategic plan before launching any product. An organization must have a thorough understanding of its product life cycle in order to anticipate problems that may arise along the way. Until now, due diligence was the primary method for introducing a new product, but data is increasingly being used to acquire greater market insights. The data and analytics era has opened up great possibilities for producing new items in parallel while also better understanding consumer behavior.

The X Future uses this open call to find proposals that address challenges faced by the company today. It gives you the opportunity to present your solutions to our innovation team and internal stakeholders.

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